Battle report

Matt V

A 1000 pt battle between the Dwarfs of Karak Norn and the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. [July 07]

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Orc Army

14 Iron breakers Gromril armour, Shield, Hand Weapon, standard bearer, Musician.

Thane (General) Gromril armour inscribed with the Master rune of Gromril, Great Weapon, Hand weapon, Crossbow.

20 Warriors Heavy armour, Shield, Hand weapon, Standard bearer, Musician.

10 Thunderers Light armour, shield, Dwarf handgun, Musician.

10 Warrior Rangers Heavy armour, Shield, Great Weapon, Hand weapon, Throwing axe, Musician.

Bolt thrower Inscribed with the Rune of penetrating and Rune of fire, Engineer with Brace of pistols.

Organ gun

Wood Elf Army

Noble (General) - Light Armour, Longbow with Hail of doom arrow and Dragontooth arrows, Great weapon.

10 Glade Guard Longbow, Lordís bowman, Musician.

10 Glade Guard Longbow, Musician.

10 Glade Guard Longbow, Musician.

8 Dryads

8 Dryads

8 Dryads
8 Wardancers
Great Eagle
Unit movement
Unit fleeing

Unit damaged

Unit shooting
Unit destroyed


Terrain was placed and the Dwarfs won the first turn and battle begun. The rangers were placed on the dwarf flank as there was no decent position more than 12" away from the enemy that wouldn't mean that it would take 3 or 4 turns to get close to the enemy...

All units except the bolt thrower moved towards the Elves, this included the Organ gun as it was out of range.. The Bolt thrower shot at the Dryads nearest the rangers but missed.

The 3 units of Glade Guard moved backwards a few Inches. The Dryads on the flanks advanced as did the Eagle.

In the shooting phase all 30 Glade Guard including the Noble fired at the Iron breakers hitting with 12, only wounding with 1 which was saved!

Most of the Dwarfs advanced straight ahead, the Rangers turned slightly to face the approaching Dryads.

In the shooting phase the Thunderers, who were now in range, shot at the nearest Glade Guard (with the Lord’s bowman) and hit with 4 and killed 3. They promptly failed their panic test and, as they had moved back last turn, fled off the board! Now that’s proper shooting!! To make up for this the Bolt thrower promptly rolled a 1 to hit the Dryads and again the Organ gun was out of range.

The Dryads which had been lurking behind the Glade Guard that fled moved up the battlefield as did the other 2 Dryad units and the Eagle.

In the shooting phase the Glade Guard unit on the Dwarfs right flank fired at the Warrior unit and killed 1 Dwarf. The Noble tried to use his Dragontooth arrows on the warriors but again failed to wound. The second Glade Guard unit also fired at the Warriors and killed 1 from 3 hits.

The Dwarf Warriors and Iron breakers continued to advance towards the Elf lines. The Rangers turned to face the Dryads who were now advancing towards their rear.

In the shooting phase the Thunderers shot at the Dryads ahead of them but caused no wounds. The Organ gun could now see the Eagle and Dryads and decided to target the latter causing 6 wounds on the Dryads who failed 4 ward saves. The Bolt thrower managed to hit and wound the Eagle but only managed to inflict 1 wound. Lastly the Rangers unleashed their throwing axes and killed 2 Dryads.

There was still no combat so it was the end of the turn.

The Dryads charged the Rangers who passed their fear test and stood and fired with their throwing axes but missed with all. The Eagle and Dryads charged the Organ gun that stood its ground. Once more the Glade Guard moved backwards. Finally the last Dryad unit advanced.

The Glade guard all shot at the Iron breakers killing 4 as did the Noble with the hail of doom arrow which killed 3. The Iron breakers passed their panic test.

In combat the Eagle and Dryads hit the Organ gun crew 6 times but failed to wound! The Dwarfs needed to cause a wound or flee as the fear causing Dryads outnumbered them; the Dwarfs failed to wound anything so needed a double 1 to avoid fleeing. Unfortunately for the Dwarfs they rolled a double 6 and fled 4”! The Dryads and Eagle chose to pursue and easily caught the crew. In the other combat the Dryads hit the Rangers with 8 attacks but only caused 2 wounds and the Rangers did not cause any wounds on the Dryads. Despite this, the combat was a draw as the Rangers had a complete rank at the start of the combat and still had a higher unit strength. As the Rangers had a musician they won by 1 and the Dryads had to take a break test on -1 which they failed! They fled 5” and the Dwarfs pursued 7” destroying the Dryads.

The Rangers tuned and moved back towards the main battle. The Warriors turned towards the Dryads to the left of them as did the Iron breakers.

In the shooting phase the Thunderers shot and killed 4 of the Dryads approaching them but the Bolt thrower missed the eagle.

As there was no combat this time it was the end of the turn.

The Dryad units left both charged the Thunderers who passed both fear tests. They stood and shot at the Dryads to their front killing another 2. The eagle could not see anyone to charge so flew away from the Bolt thrower to get into long range of the war machine; it landed near the Rangers ready to charge them. The Wardancers at last began to advance towards the Dwarfs.

In the shooting phase all 20 Glade Guard shot at the Iron breakers. 14 hit but only 2 were killed. The Noble again tried to use his Dragontooth arrows but once again failed to wound.

In Combat the 6 remaining Dryads killed 5 Thunderers who caused no wounds in return. As their unit strength was now 1 less than the Dryads they fled from the largest unit – towards the Wardancers. This was fortunate for the Dwarfs as it would be likely that the pursuing Dryads might end up it charge range. The smaller unit of Dryads pursued and rolled 11 meaning that they were now out of the Dwarf Warriors charge arc! The other Dryads passed their test to restrain and held their ground meaning they were also safe being out of the Dwarfs charge distance.

The Warriors advanced as far as possible towards the larger Dryad unit with the Iron breakers not far behind. The Rangers formed a single line facing the Eagle [Matt V had forgotten they had throwing axes when he flew his Eagle over there!].

In the shooting phase the Rangers killed the Eagle with their axes but the Bolt thrower once again missed.

With no combat the turn was now over.

The larger Dryad unit charged the Bolt thrower and the Engineer failed to wound with his brace of pistols as he stood and fired. The Wardancers attempted to charge the Warriors unit but were just out of range so moved towards them instead. The 2 Dyrads in the second unit moved to the flank of the Warriors. The Glade Guard units moved up so they were once again within short range which meant S4 and -1 save against the Dwarfs.

In the shooting phase the Glade Guard all shot at the Iron breakers hitting with 11 and killing 3, which was enough for a panic test but which the Dwarfs passed on a double 1! The Noble yet again tried to use his Dragontooth arrows but once again failed to wound.

In combat the Dryads hit the Bolt thrower crew 5 times and killed all the crew except the Engineer who did not wound any of the Dryads in turn. Again, due to fear, the Dwarfs needed a double 1 to avoid fleeing but a 6 was rolled. The Dryads pursued the Dwarfs off the board.

Both the Warriors and Iron breakers moved as quickly as possible to remain out side short range of the Elf bows. The Iron breaker unit now only consisted of 2 Iron breakers and the Thane General and would no doubt be a prime target next turn! The Rangers remained where they were to claim a table ¼.

With no shooting or combat the turn was soon over.

With no possibility of any charges the Wardancers and smaller Dryad unit remained where they were. The Dryads that had pursued off the board returned where they had left from.

In the shooting phase all the Elves shot at the Iron breakers hoping to wipe them out. As there were now fewer than 5 models hits would also be randomised between the Iron breakers and the Thane. Things were not looking good for them as many 1s and 2s had been rolled in previous turns for their saving throws…The Elves hit remaining 2 Iron breakers 9 times and the Thane 4 times. The Thane was wounded 2 times but he saved both! The unit was wounded 6 times but passed 5 saves, leaving 1 Iron breaker left! They then subsequently rolled a 7 for their panic test…phew!!

With that the battle was over and it was time to count the cost….

Dwarfs   Wood Elves

Dryads destroyed


Glade Guard destroyed


Eagle destroyed


Dryads at ½ strength


Dryads at ½ strength


Bonus points

2 table ¼ captured



Thunderers destroyed


Iron breakers under ½ strength


Organ gun destroyed


Bolt thrower destroyed


Bonus points

2 table ¼ captured




Difference = 96pts


Post battle comments:

By Matt B.

Too close to call, but man are those Elves annoying!
It can be real annoying fighting those tricksy Elves...I march my army towards him and he backs off! Whilst I could have tired a gun line army to try to outshoot the elves, it wouldn't fit with my army theme.

By Matt V.

A couple of things...
Looking back at the battle report though, I can pick a couple of things that were done wrong on both sides. For me, the two main ones are the use of the eagle (stupidly flying next to the rangers with hand axes) and bad use of the wardancers who had absolutely no impact on any part of the game! they may as well have not been there at all making my force less effective by 200 points... Not very wardancer-ish! I think my elves knew they were out manned by the dwarfs (out dwarfed?) and took along some cardboard cut outs to pad out their numbers....



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