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Matt V

A 1000 pt battle between the Orcs of Zakaz Whitefaces First Waaagh and the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. [July 07]

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it helps :)

Orc Army

23 Orc Boyz Light armour, Choppa, Shield, Spear, Boss, Standard bearer, Musician.

Black Orc Big Boss (General) Heavy armour, Shield, Martogís Best Basha, Warboss Ummís best Boss at.

Orc Big Boss (Battle standard bearer) Choppa, Morkís Spirit-totem.

20 Night Goblins Shield, Hand Weapon, 2 fanatics, Boss.

12 Savage Orc Boyz Choppa, Additional choppa, Boss, Musician.

Orc boar chariot Extra crew, Choppa, Spear.

7 Night Goblin squig hoppers

Snotling pump wagon

Snotling pump wagon
Wood Elf Army

Noble (General) Light Armour, Longbow with hail of doom arrow, Additional hand weapon, Scout kindred.

10 Glade Guard Longbow, Lordís bowman, Musician.

8 Dryads

8 Dryads

3 Treekin

6 Wild riders of Kurnous Light armour, Spear, Musician.

Noble Light armour, Longbow, Dawnspear, Stag, Wild rider kindred.

Unit movement
Unit fleeing
Unit damaged

Unit cannot move due to animosity

Unit shooting
Unit destroyed

Unit advances due to animosity


Terrain was placed and the Orcs won the first turn and battle begun.

All units passed their animosity tests and the green horde advanced forward at a fairly even rate, even the Pump wagons. With no Mages on the battlefield and with no shooting or Combat the turn was soon over!

The Wild riders and Noble advanced on the elves left flank with the Dryads moving forwards across the ruins. The Elves right flank remained stationary.

The Glade Guard fired at the nearest unit, the Night Goblins, and killed 1 goblin!

The Night Goblins failed their animosity test and squabbled. One of the pump wagons rolled a massive double 1 to move forward! The main Orc units advanced forward and the Savage Orcs turned to face the Wild riders containing the stag mounted Noble..

Again with no magic, shooting or combat the turn was soon over.

The Wild riders charged the Savage Orcs but as the Night Goblins had not been able to move the Elves would have to face the 2 fanatics before completing their charge! Luckily for the Elves the fanatics only rolled a 4 and 5 stopping just short of the Riders charge!

The Treekin moved forwards into the nearby woods and the Dryads moved up to support them. The Glade Guard turned to angle themselves towards the Orc Boyz unit and the Dryads moved out of the ruins towards the Orc Boyz and Goblins.

In the shooting phase the Glade Guard shot at and killed 4 Orc Boyz. The Elven General unleashed his Hail of doom arrow at the Orc Boyz rolling an 8 for the number of arrows; 7 hit with 5 wounding and 4 Orcs failing their saving throws.

Combat saw the combined Noble and Wild rider charge killing 5 Savage Orcs leaving only the Savage Orc Boss to fight back who managed to kill 2 Elves in return. The Orcs lost the combat but passed their break test on -4

[Post battle note - the Orcs should have fled as they needed a double 1 as the Riders caused fear on the charge and their unit strength at the end of the combat was higher than the Orcs].

The Orc Boyz unit failed its animosity test but the General smacked them about and killed 3, but at least the Orcs could move forward and turned to face the Dryads, as did the Orc Boar chariot. The fanatics managed to miss everything. The Squig hoppers rolled high enough get into combat with the Treekin with the Pump wagons flanking the woods on either side.

In combat the Squigs managed to do 3 wounds on the Treekin unit, enough to kill 1 of them! The Treekin in turn killed 2 Squigs meaning the combat was drawn as the Treekin now had the higher unit strength. On the other flank the Wild riders and Noble caused 6 wounds on the Savage Orcs leaving just the Boss left who missed with all his attacks. The Orcs had to take a break test on -7 so needed a double 1….they rolled a 3 and promptly fled and were caught. This now meant the Wild riders were in a perfect position to rove around the rear of the Orc army. The Night Goblins, who were within 6” of the destroyed Orcs, promptly failed their panic test and fled 10".

The Wild riders moved round to face the flank of the Orc Boyz and Orc Boar chariot. The unit of Dryads nearest the ruins move back into them and the second Dryad unit moved up towards the other flank of the Orc Boyz.

The Glade Guard shot at the Orc Boyz but caused no wounds. The Elf General shot at the Boar chariot but also failed to wound.

Combat saw the Treekin kill another Squig with none caused by the Squigs; they then passed their -2 break test on the Orc Generals leadership.

The Orc General called a Waaaaargh! Hoping to get close enough for a charge but his unit only moved 2" towards the Dryads; no other Orcs units were affected by the Waaaaargh! The Orc Boyz and the Orc Boar chariot then moved further towards the Dryads. The Goblins rallied and turned to face the Dryads nearest them. Both Pump wagons moved into the woods to attack the Treekin, the first sustained 1 wound from crashing into the woods and the second was destroyed after it too had to enter the woods to attack the Treekin and took 4 wounds from impacting with the woods!

In combat the surviving Pump wagon did not manage to inflict any wounds on the Treekin and in return the Treekin killed 3 Squigs with none inflicted by the Squigs. The remaining Squig and Pump wagon had to take a break test on a -3 (although the Pump wagon used its base leadership as it was stubborn) and both fled. The Pump wagon fled 5" and the Squig 4", both obviously knackered from their efforts to get into combat in the first place! The Treekin, in turn, only followed up 4 so caught the Squig but not the Pump wagon.

The 2 Dryad units charged the remaining Orc Boyz and General and Battle standard in the front and flank; the Orcs failed their fear test for the Dryads fighting to the front so could only hit them on 6’s. The Wild riders charged the Orc Boar chariot which failed its fear test and fled 17” away! The route was now clear for the Wild riders to continue its charge onto the rear of the Orc Boyz unit which also failed its fear test so would need 6’s to hit them as well.

The Treekin also charged the newly rallied Night Goblin unit.

In the shooting phase the Glade Guard shot at the fleeing Chariot and did 3 wounds, leaving 1 remaining. The Elf Noble then tried to finish the Chariot off but failed to wound.

In combat the Treekin caused 2 wounds on the Night Goblins and the Goblins did none on return. Due to rank bonus and being outnumbered the Treekin had to take a break test on -1 and passed on 5.

In the main combat on the other flank the Wild riders and Noble only caused 2 wounds. The 8 Dryads fighting in the flank caused a further 2 wounds and the Dryads fighting the front caused 6 wounds. The Black Orc Big Boss, Orc Big Boss battle standard and the Orc Boyz Boss only managed 1 wound between them on the Dryads. With combat bonuses the Orcs had to take a break test on -13! As the Orc Boyz unit strength was now only 6 they would automatically flee away from the largest fear causing unit, the Wilde riders, if they failed to roll double 1 – a 6 was rolled and they fled. The Elves decided to pursue with the Wild riders and they cut the remaining Orcs down.

The remaining Pump wagon continued to flee 9” towards the nearest table edge but the Orc Boar chariot rallied and turned to face the Glade Guard. 1 of the fanatics moved through the Wild riders killing 3 and the second fanatic spun off away from everyone.

In combat the Treekin caused 5 wounds on the Night Goblins did none in reply. The Night Goblins lost the combat by 2 and rolled a 9 for their break test. They fled 5” and the Treekin caught them with a 6.

The Dryads nearest to the Chariot charged it and the Treekin charged the fleeing Pump wagon, making it flee a further 7” leaving it 1” from the edge of the battlefield. The Chariot choose to flee as its charge reaction to the Dryads but fled off the board. The other Dryad unit and surviving Wild riders moved away from the crazed Fanatics.

The only shooting saw the Glade Guard shoot at the nearest Fanatic, killing him.

here was no combat this turn

The Pump wagon, unsurprisingly, failed to rally and fled off the board. The only other Orc unit on the board was the remaining Fanatic which moved further away from the Elves.

With only the Fanatic left of the Orcs forces the Glade Guard shot and killed it meaning there were no greenskins left on the battlefield at all!

Orcs   Wood Elves

Wild riders at ½ strength



Black Orc Big Boss killed


Orc Big Boss killed


Orc Boyz destroyed


Night Goblins destroyed


Savage Orcs destroyed


Orc Boar chariot destroyed


Squig hoppers destroyed


2 Pump wagons destroyed


Bonus points

General killed


Battle standard killed


Orc Boyz standard captured


Captured 3 table quarter




Difference = 1522pts

Massacre for the Wood Elves

[Infact 5 bands into the massacre category! Also the only VPs gained for the Orcs was from the Fanatic!!! - Sorry Jonny:)]

Post battle comments:

By Matt V.

Heh heh heh..
Well that will be one of those games that i'll always reminisce on. In the years to come, when we're all going bald/grey i'll still be talking about that game when the most effective model in Jon's army was a 30 point night goblin....  :D    He did well over double his points in damage! A fearsome foe! - Maybe you should field an all night goblin army Jon... I don't mean to rub it in quite so much, it's just that i'm normally on the receiving end of those kind of games - it's my first thrashing where I was on the winning side!

By Matt B.

As a spectator it was fun to see such a massacre in the truest of gaming senses! There are not many games I see where there is literally no models from a side on the battlefield at all! Oh well Jonny, there's always next time! After seeing this game and after my battle with the Wood Elves the next day [Report here] they seem to have a very versatile list..


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