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A 1000 pt battle between the Dwarfs of Karak Norn and the Ogres of the Moutain eater tribe. [July 07]

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Bruiser (General) Heavy Armour, Ogre club, Additional hand weapon.

4 Ironguts Heavy Armour, Great Weapons. Contains Gutlord, bellower and standard bearer with the rag banner and look out Gnoblar.

Butcher Hand weapon, 2 x luck Gnoblars.

3 Ogre Bulls Ogre club, Bellower.

4 Leadbelchers Light armour, Leadbelcher cannon, Bellower.

Ogre Maneater Heavy armour, Brace of handguns.

20 Longbeards Heavy armour, Shield, Hand Weapon, Standard bearer with the Ancestor rune, Musician.

Thane (General) Gromril armour inscribed with the Master rune of Gromril, Great Weapon, Hand weapon, Talisman inscribed with the Rune of luck.

20 Dwarf warriors Heavy armour, Shield, Hand weapon, Veteran, Standard bearer, Musician.

10 Thunderers Heavy armour, shield, Dwarf handgun, Musician.

Bolthrower 1 Inscribed with the Rune of penetrating, Engineer.

Bolthrower 2 with Engineer.

Organ gun.
Unit movement
Unit fleeing

Unit damaged

Unit shooting
Unit destroyed


Terrain was placed and the Ogres won the first turn and battle begun.

The Ogre Maneater moved into the cover of a nearby building whilst the rest of the Ogre army advanced at full speed towards the Dwarf lines.

The magic phase started with the Butcher attempting to cast bonecruncher on the Thunderers which saw 1 of them crumple to the ground dead. All other magic was dispelled.

The only shooting saw the Maneater fire his handguns at the Organ gun, but the shots bounced off the Dwarf machine.

With no combat the turn was soon over.

The Longbeards and Warriors edged backwards to try to avoid an early charge from the Ogres. All the other Dwarf units stood their ground.

Shooting saw the Thunderers inflict 3 wounds on the Ironguts, killing one of them. The Organ gun opened up on the Leadbelchers rolling first a 4 but then 10 hits after using the re-roll which inflicted 7 wounds killing 2 outright and leaving another with only 2 wounds; the Leadbelchers subsequently passed their panic test. Finally both Bolt throwers fired at the Bruiser with one missing but the one inscribed with the Rune of penetration managed to cause one wound leaving him with three remaining.

gain as there was no combat the turn ended.

The Ogres again advanced towards the Dwarf lines.

In the magic phase the Butcher successfully cast the Trollguts spell on the Ironguts, losing a wound in the process,giving them the regeneration ability.

In the shooting phase the Leadbelchers opened up on the Dwarf Warriors gunning down 3 of them.

Again there was no combat the turn was over. (Although the Ogres were very close now …)

The Dwarf Warriors and Longbeards advanced towards the Ogres and the rest of the army readied its weapons.

In the shooting phase the Thunderers caused 2 wounds on the Ironguts and then the Bolt thrower with the Rune of penetration inflicted a further 2 wound killing an Irongut and leaving another on 2 wounds. The Organ gun swivelled to face the Bruiser who was threatening the Dwarfs flank and fired….rolling another 10 hits and killed him!

There was once again no combat but the Dwarf lines readied themselves for the Orges charges next turn.

The Ironguts and Butcher charged into the Thunderers who passed their fear test. The Ogre Bulls and Maneater charged into the Longbeards.

As the Leadbelchers were reloading there was no shooting this turn.

In combat the Ironguts and Butcher made short work of the thunderers who were thoroughly beaten and by the end of the combat the Ogres had a higher unit strength than the Dwarfs so they would need a double 1 to stay…unsurprisingly they failed and fled 7” straight past the Bolt thrower. The Ogres gave chase and easily caught the Thunderers and then overran into the Bolt thrower. In the other combat the Maneater and Bulls only managed to cause 1 wound on the Longbeards and the Dwarfs failed to wound a single Ogre! By outnumbering the Ogres and through their rank bonus the Ogres had to pass a break test on -4 which the Bulls failed but the Maneater passed! The Bulls fled 7” and the turn was over.

The Dwarf Warriors charged the Leadbelchers who stood and fired killing 4, just fewer than 25% so no panic test needed! There was no other movement as apart from the second Bolt thrower and Organ gun all the Dwarf units were now in combat.

Shooting saw the Organ gun roll a misfire (my first one!) and roll a 5 meaning it could not fire this turn. The second Bolt thrower shot at and missed the fleeing Ogre Bulls.

Combat saw the Dwarf Warriors fail to wound the Leadbelchers with 2 Dwarfs killed in return. Even so, due to combat resolution and being out numbered, the Leadbelchers had to take a break test on -1 but passed. On the other flank the Ironguts made mince meat of the both thrower crew and the survivors once again needed a double 1 to stay as the Ogres caused fear and outnumbered the Dwarfs. The Dwarfs Promptly fled off the board and such was the blood lust of the Ogres that they failed to restrain themselves and they too followed them off the board! In the last combat of the turn the Dwarf Thane was challenged by the Maneater who duly accepted and cut the Ogre down by hitting and wounding with all 3 attacks.

Finally restraining themselves the Ironguts and Butcher moved back onto the table edge where they left and moved towards the remaining Dwarf war machines. The Ogre Bulls rallied and turned to face the Dwarf Longbeards.

In the magic phase the Butcher cast Bonecruncher on the Organ gun by rolling a 9 on 2 dice to cast with the Dwarfs failing to dispel it by rolling 7 on 3 dice! This spell caused 9 hits on the Organ gun which killed 1 crew member.

There was no shooting this turn as the Leadbelchers were still locked in combat.

In the combat phase the Leadbelchers caused 1 wound on the Dwarfs Warriors who caused 1 wound in return; The Ogres subsequently failed their break test and ran a massive 2”, due to the weight of the cannons, meaning the Dwarfs just managed to chase and cut them down.

The Dwarf warriors and Longbeards both advanced towards the Ogre Bulls whilst the Dwarf war machines turned to face the Ironguts and Butcher.

In the shooting phase the Organ gun managed to score 8 hits on the Ironguts unit causing 3 wounds thus killing another Ogre and leaving only the Standard bearer on 2 wounds. The Organ gun also caused a wound on the Butcher. The remaining Bolt thrower missed the Ironguts.

With no combat the Dwarf turn was over.

The remaining Irongut and Butcher charged the Bolt thrower and the Bulls moved back slightly to angle for a better charge opportunity.

With no shooting the combat phase once again saw the Irongut and Butcher win the combat against the Dwarfs who this time were killed in combat and then they overran into the Organ gun.

The Dwarf warriors and Longbeards once again moved towards the Ogre Bulls.

With no shooting combat saw the Irongut and Butcher kill the remaining Organ gun crew.

The Ogre Bulls charged the easier target of the depleted Dwarf Warriors and the Irongut and Butcher moved towards the rest of the Dwarfs.

Combat saw the Bulls hit with 7 attacks, wound with only 2 which were both saved! The Dwarfs inflicted 1 wound on the Ogres and they needed to pass a break test on -4 and promptly fled, the Dwarfs followed up but did not catch the Ogres but they were effectively removed from play as there was no further Ogre turn to rally in.

With no chance of any charges the warriors moved forward into the Ogre half of the table to claim a table quarter. There was no shooting or combat so the game was over ....

Orges   Dwarfs

Thunderers destroyed


Warriors at ½ strength


Both thrower 1 destroyed


Both thrower 2 destroyed


Organ gun destroyed



Bruiser Killed


Butcher at ½ wounds


Bulls fleeing


Ironguts at ½ strength


Leadbelchers destroyed


Maneater killed


Bonus points

General killed
Captured 1 table quarter



Difference = 465pts

Solid Victory for the Dwarfs

Post battle comments:

By Matt B.

A close game..
This was my first game against the Ogres and the sight of all of them thundering across was the battlefield was a shock. By the end of his first turn he was just about ready to charge my units! Fear was a major factor for me in this game as although my war machines are stubborn in combat this has no effect if outnumbered in combat as you automatically flee (unless a double 1 is rolled). This meant that the Ogres could roll through my gun line with ease..... Also as you can see the trolluts spell remained in play for most of the game - i forgot to try to dispell it in my 'magic' phase!

By Paul.

I hate Organ gus!
My main concern at the beginning of the game were the Dwarf war machines which, until I took them out, were causing havoc... Learning points from the game were that Ogre magic is not so good against Dwarfs because of their high LD, Toughness and natural magic resistance. Also when 1 of the Dwarf units has more models than my entire army it's a bit worrying!


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